Non-Profit Management and organizational capacity building

With over 20 years of non-profit experience and nearly ten years of Special Service Area management, PLACE Consulting has been a great resource to many Special Service Areas and non-profits with budgetary guidance, leadership and capacity development and organizational assistance.

Interim CEO and Program Management

PLACE team members enjoy assisting in program management or providing interim CEO leadership.

Northalsted Business Alliance
PLACE maintained organizational operations and assisted in identifying a new strategic direction for the nonprofit organization. We managed key projects including a full review of accounting processes and financials for their subsidiaries and partnerships, an organizational assessment, a presentation of the report to the Board at their annual retreat, and the successful transition to a new executive director.

City of Evanston
PLACE provided ongoing management support to the Main-Dempster Mile SSA.  Our services included establishing business operations, committee and Board development, coordinating special projects and leading the search process for the new executive director. 

Evanston Chamber of Commerce
PLACE provided executive coaching and leadership skill development to the executive director, and served as a resource for the Board.  We provided one-on-one coaching in leadership, vision, management, best practices, network development, decision-making and strategy. PLACE completed an industry analysis identifying best practices from comparable chambers of commerce, which included trends related to revenue sources, programming, and partnerships.

Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber of Commerce 
Kimberly provided interim CEO leadership to the Chamber for five months, realigning the work of the Chamber and SSA #33, which is administered by the Chamber. She reinvigorated the committee leadership of the Board, reviewed and improved Chamber operations, policies and practices, and led the search process for the permanent CEO.

Quad Communities Development Corporation 
Kimberly assisted SSA #47 with Program Management for 11 months while a search was conducted for a permanent SSA Program Manager. She instituted policies and procedures that resulted in greater engagement, transparency and impact on the local community.

Belmont Central Chamber of Commerce 
Kimberly led the search for a new Executive Director for the chamber. The search was successful, the organization has been stabilized and is now growing.

Edgewater Chamber of Commerce 
Kimberly served as Interim CEO for 11 months. While there, she focused on improving operations and efficiency, instituted governance and finance policies and procedures, restructured staffing, oversaw a successful summer festival, developed new chamber programs, increased chamber financial resources substantially and co-managed the process for hiring the new, permanent CEO.

Northcenter Chamber of Commerce 
Kimberly led the annual Board and staff retreat, which focused on refining programs and services and better articulating and promoting the chamber’s compelling mission statement. 

Little Village Chamber of Commerce 
Kimberly provided ongoing management support to the Little Village Chamber of Commerce and SSA #25, including program development, Board retreat facilitation and contract negotiation.