Community Engagement

PLACE is committed to providing meaningful ways for stakeholders to be involved in projects that will shape their environments and affect their day-to-day lives. Too often, efforts such as these heavily engage decision-makers and people with influence and give token attention to those stakeholders who are not already connected. PLACE strives to engage stakeholders more broadly and gather input that reflects the diversity of the neighborhoods that make up communities. This approach requires us to understand the culture of the neighborhood – how/where they meet, how they connect, when they have free time to participate, what publications they read, etc. Broad community input has multiple benefits: from a “business” perspective, it provides another vehicle for gathering “market research” into what the community wants/needs, and from a “relationship building perspective” it builds goodwill for the effort/organization that can lead to increased support, future partnerships, etc. Of course, the process isn’t always easy or quick; but, PLACE has found that engagement – when done with authenticity and transparency – yields long-lasting results that transcend the life of any particular project.