Kimberly Bares, President

Kimberly has more than 20 years’ experience leading nonprofit organizations. She has served as Executive Director of four organizations in Chicago and Baltimore, working in diverse communities with varying constituencies. Her professional background has provided her with expertise in affordable housing development, community organizing, TIFs, BIDs, commercial district planning, strategic planning, Board development and fundraising. Kimberly has had direct involvement and accountability for the creation, management or administration of forty Special Service Areas and four Tax Increment Financing districts. She has extensive experience in community outreach, and enjoys looking for ways to make community participation fun and rewarding.  She is the leading expert on BIDs in Chicago. Kimberly holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo, a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.  She is an active member of the International Downtown Association.

Jill Siegel, Managing Director

Jill uses her planning and design background to lead collaborative, interactive, and implementation-oriented downtown, neighborhood, and business district revitalization efforts. In her planning and community development experience, she has supported public and non-profit clients primarily in the areas of neighborhood revitalization, physical and community development, economic development, zoning revisions, development reviews, neighborhood planning, TIF assessments and strategic planning. Career highlights include leading planning, urban design, and economic development initiatives in diverse settings ranging from Gary, IN and Durham, NC to Wichita, KS and Rockville, MD. In addition, she was responsible for the creation of the Downtown Memphis (TN) Strategic Plan, the first of its kind in more than 2 decades, and the creation of the Andersonville neighborhood’s innovative business sustainability initiative, eco-Andersonville, while serving as the Managing Director of the Andersonville Development Corporation. Jill also has experience managing local and international planning projects at Solomon Cordwell Benz, shaping communities in Naperville, IL and Abu Dhabi, UAE. When not helping to keep the PLACE office chugging along, Jill likes to spend time on the tennis court, reminiscing about her glory days as a synchronized swimmer, finding a unique gem at a flea market, or watching most any type of movie on the big screen.

Noah Gordon, Senior Consultant

Noah brings his passion for creative problem solving and detailed analysis to every project.  After beginning his career in the private sector where his analytical skills were honed in a fast-paced, detail-oriented environment, Noah is now completing a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in Economic Development.  He has done project management for the City of Chicago’s Building Department, rewriting the city’s building code. He has created corridor redevelopment plans that include extensive mapping, policy research and economic market analysis. Additionally, Noah is highly skilled in GIS, having worked with the University of Illinois’s Center for Advanced Design Research and Exploration (CADRE), where he developed web-based GIS maps. Noah has worked on nearly twenty BID projects throughout Chicago.